Climate change is the single biggest threat facing humanity today. By reducing emmisions and increasing the use of renewable energy we are helping to protect future generations from the devastating effects of global warming. The carbon market creates financial incentives for emissions reduction activities and is designed to promote new innovations as well as encourage action from both individuals and corporations.

Habitat Energy is an active participant in the carbon market, investing in Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). Through the acquistion of carbon credits we are helping fund additional credit creation which supports a range of emission reduction activities.

The Road To Net Zero

Carbon Market Institute

Habitat Energy is a proud member of the Carbon Market Institute, an industry body leading the transition to a net zero emissions economy. Members represent all sides of Australia’s carbon market looking for insights and commercial opportunities. The institute provides a valuable source of market knowledge, supporting business and helping to manage risks in the transition to net zero.




Australian Carbon Credit Units


An Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) is a unit issued by the Clean Energy Regulator for an emissions reduction activity. Each ACCU represents an offset equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide that is either stored or avoided by a project. Eligible activities must use an approved methodology for calculating the net abatement of carbon along with other requirements.

Once created ACCUs can be traded on the secondary market allowing individuals and corporations to purchase them. Values are determined by supply & demand as well as current & future markets. To achieve net zero many millions of ACCUs need to be purchased by emitters and therefore demand is likely to be strong for many years to come.