CER Pushing Solar Panel Validation

The CER have released a statement today claiming they will be focusing their attention on STC submissions that are not backed by Solar Panel Validation (SPV). They will be sending all market participants a letter over the coming weeks outlining the importance of SPV and requesting participation in the scheme.

STC claims submitted with validated panels will be prioritised and processed within 24 hours subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. Other non-validated claims will attract additional compliance scrutiny which the CER says could be expected to take two weeks longer to process. This will have an obvious effect on STC pricing with agents potentially offering differing price levels for validated vs non-validated claims.

70% of solar panels installed today under the renewable energy scheme are able to be verified using a provider that offers SPV. More manufacturers are currently coming on board and soon nearly 90% of all panels will be verifiable. This will put huge pressure on other manufacturers to join the scheme or risk losing their market share. The CER have also stated that from 1st October 2019 they will be increasing asking for evidence to verify that solar panel installs are genuine. SPV is the best and quickest way to verify the validity of panels.

Habitat Energy Systems offers free Solar Panel Validation as part of our online portal. Validating panels is as easy as clicking a button and will save a lot of extra time and effort for all involved. Contact us on 1300 116 965 if you have any questions regarding SPV or our STC processing service.

Some short videos provided by the CER on SPV can be found here.