Discover New Way to go Solar

3 Reasons why you should consider a Power Purchase Agreement.


1. Take the hassle out of Solar. Let’s face it, choosing installers, panels, inverters, batteries etc can be pretty confusing and there are a lot of pitfalls. Because under a Power Purchase Agreement Habitat has to pay for and maintain your system over many years you can be rest assured we will be using industry leading people and equipment.


2. You get to make savings while committing nothing upfront. If we don’t think we can save you money we will say so. At Habitat we make our return over lifetime of the agreement not at installation. We rely on providing a saving to our customers over the lifetime of the agreement.


3. Lock in lower prices and get a great system when you’re done. At Habitat our prices are locked in for the length of the agreement. If retail prices double or triple over time we still charge the same. When the agreement is finished we hand over the system to you at no additional costs, yes it is our gift to you and will continue saving you money for many years to come.