Habitat Energy Systems is dedicated and committed to providing affordable financial solutions for your business or home.

Residential FAQs

No – there is no cost for the system. The PPA is designed with $0 upfront and the customer purchases the solar power generated by the system at a fixed monthly rate for the term of the contract.

Habitat’s standard Power Purchase Agreement is for 10 years. We can also tailor the contract length to meet your needs.

Yes. You will still need to purchase electricity when the solar system is not producing. For example, at night or on a rainy day. However, your normal electricity bill will be greatly reduced.

Savings vary from system to system and are influenced by several factors including your electricity rate, feed-in tariff, and most importantly, your level of consumption of solar power while it is being generated during daylight hours.

Habitat Energy Systems owns the system during the agreement. The customer has the option to purchase the system at any time for an agreed amount.

Ownership of the solar system is transferred to you and you will receive the full savings of the solar system for the next 20+ years.

If you sell the property you can purchase the system for an agreed amount and add the value into the selling price. The contract cannot be transferred to the new owner.

Yes. You can terminate the contract at any time by purchasing the Solar System from Habitat Energy Systems at an agreed value at that time.

Habitat Energy Systems provides 24/7 monitoring and onsite maintenance as part of the contract. If there is an issue with the system, we will get it rectified asap. All operating and maintenance costs are covered.

Your solar energy price is locked in for the term of the contract. As power prices increase your solar payment will remain the same, providing greater savings each year.

Commercial FAQs

The Habitat Commercial Solar Plan is available for terms between 7 and 15 years, tailored to meet individual customer requirements. At the end of the contract, full ownership of the system is transferred to the customer.

Most businesses that have reasonable daily power usage are suitable for a PPA. Factors to be considered are roof space and condition, orientation, and any potential shading. A detailed site assessment will be performed by our installers to determine site suitability as well to design the correct system size depending on energy usage requirements.

No – the Habitat Solar Plan works for businesses that are leasing. The site owners do need to grant permission for the installation.

Habitat Energy Systems can supply commercial solar systems anywhere from 10 kilowatts up to 1 megawatt in size.

All data is collected and monitored remotely via a smart meter.

There are two options:

  1. The PPA can be transferred to the new owners.
  2. The system can be purchased for an agreed amount and the value added to the property sale.

No – the solar price is locked in for the term of the contract. As power prices increase the solar price will remain the same, providing greater savings each year.

The payback period for a solar system is generally around 7 years. The best long term option (purely based on financial return) is to buy the system outright, however, there are ownership downsides to consider and many advantages that a PPA can offer:

  • A PPA can allow savings from day one instead of waiting years to start saving.
  • No upfront cost removes the financial burden.
  • The opportunity cost of money – a solar PPA frees up capital which allows funds to be invested into core business activities.
  • No risk – All monitoring and maintenance costs are covered.
  • While reducing carbon emissions and saving money are motivating factors, the removal of capital outlay provides an easier path for a business to install a larger system.
  • Most solar companies are more interested in the sale than the actual long-term performance of the system. Habitat Energy Systems only charges for the power produced, so it is in our best interest to ensure maximum efficiency and output performance.

The Habitat Solar Plan gives total peace of mind to the customer. When you consider all the advantages a PPA offers, including the reasons capital is best spent on other interests, many people argue the overall benefits outweigh that of direct ownership.