What Is A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

With renewable energy resources becoming widely accepted and recognised, over a million Australians have already chosen solar, and are enjoying the rewards.

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), is a rapidly expanding alternative to customer ownership of a solar system. It involves the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on your roof in agreement to purchasing solar power at a fixed rate for the term of the agreement. Once the agreement ends, you take complete ownership and enjoy the benefits of solar energy for the 25+ year life of the system.

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Go solar without paying for the system

Habitat solar plan

The 'Habitat Solar Plan'

Our Habitat Solar Plan is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which offers the long-term benefits of solar without any upfront costs. Customers purchase the generated solar energy at a reduced rate in comparison to the rates currently being offered by retail electricity companies.

Our preferred, qualified and experienced solar installers who will complete the onsite installation of the solar system at ZERO cost for which the ownership is retained by us.

Once the installation is complete, the solar energy system is remotely monitored to ensure maximum efficiency and all maintenance required will be actioned by us with no additional cost to the customer.

Contact a consultant to arrange a non-obligation free discussion about which solar solution is right for you.