Living Sustainably

Did you know, Australia does not have a single nuclear power station though it is the world’s third-largest uranium exporter? Uranium mining in some areas has lead to quite some violent discussions in Australia. These discussions concern the general question of the use of atomic energy as well as the destruction of the environment caused by uranium mining.

With the constant discussion regarding the concern for our environments well being, this is why we are encouraging you to go solar. With an average of 340 days of sun per year and an estimated 8 hours of sunshine per day, Australia is almost perfect for the use of solar energy.

First, fossil fuels such as petroleum, gas or coal are not an unlimited resource, and unfortunately will run out at some point. For this reason, the costs of conventional energy usage is on the rise. Solar Energy users however, will not be affected by these increased energy costs in the future, due to their low reliance on traditional methods. Solar energy is clean and sustainable and does not harm the environment. In addition, as a user of a solar or photovoltaic system, you would be contributing to the reduction of harmful CO2 emissions and helping to preserve fossil energy sources for future generations. A photovoltaic or solar system on your home does not produce any noise, environmentally harmful gases or other emissions for you to worry about. It is the green and clean energy solution for the future.

Currently about 80 percent of the electricity generated in Australia is generated by coal-fired power stations. Due to the high CO2 emissions, the Government has introduced an energy and CO2 tax in 2012, which costs Australians $23 for every ton of carbon dioxide produced. The largest CO2 producers in the country are generally large corporations surrounding energy supply, mining and transportation.

In 2008, Premier Mike Rann announced funding for an $8 million project consisting of installing solar panels on the roof of the new Goyder Pavilion at the Royal Adelaide Showground’s – the largest rooftop solar installation in Australia, qualifying it for the official “power station” status.

Fun Fact: Did you also know that in Australia the “World Solar Challenge” takes place every 2 years? Powered completely by Solar Power, people and companies from all over the world travel to participate in the 3000 kilometres drive from Darwin to Adelaide, in order to raise awareness for the energy consumption industry.

So, as you can see, Australia is on a quite a sustainable and ecological path of living for the future. Help us protect the environment and preserve energy resources for the future by going solar today. Habitat Energy Solutions have a cost effective solution for you.

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