New Ultra-Thin Battery to Transform Australian Renewables

With solar becoming a vastly expanding renewable energy platform in the Australian market, it is believed that solar panels could soon be created with their own embedded battery storage which will be an Australian global first.


The new ultra-thin banners would be laminated to the back of the panels and ultimately deliver “in built” storage, eventually progressing to a standard and norm for delivering energy both day and night as required,


This revolutionary product is one of several plans in the development stage for ultra-thin, flexible screen-printed batteries that could escalate within three years and offer unheard of opportunities for both the residential and commercial markets.


At present, companies such as Tesla and South Australia’s Redflow, offer solar panel and battery solutions, however, the batteries are separate entities. If this creative concept takes hold, printed-on storage would become part of a typical solar panel used for both residential properties and commercial properties such as warehouses, retail stores and manufacturing plants.


Trevor St Baker, founder of ERM Power and the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund, said printed batteries could transform everyday life.


“It’s literally the printing of solid state batteries in a thin, flexible format that can be adapted to almost any shape.”


He said printed batteries would transform solar generation from day time energy generation to night time energy delivery.

University of NSW Dean Mark Hoffman hailed the breakthrough as delivering the missing piece of the puzzle for renewable energy.

“The world is crying out for storage solutions, and this partnership has the potential to deliver on that urgent need.

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