Power Purchase Agreements

Did you know about 1.6 million Australian homes have already had solar installed? With the cost of living increasingly on the rise, especially in the larger cities such as Sydney and Brisbane, how can the average Australian on an average income afford to benefit from a solar system? 

The answer = Power Purchase Agreements.

Forget about buying a solar system outright. A rapidly expanding alternative is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This agreement involves the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on your roof for $0 up-front, in agreement to purchasing the solar power at a fixed rate for the term of the agreement.

Our ‘Habitat Solar Plan’ is a PPA that allows the average Australian to benefit from the long-term benefits of solar power without the up-front costs. Customers also purchase the generated solar energy at a reduced rate in comparison to those rates offered by retail electricity companies.

So, now that you know you can afford solar with a PPA, here are a few reasons why either your business or home should have a solar system installed.

Why you should consider solar power for your HOME:

  • Increase the value of your property: Solar systems are a bonus to the value of your property – think about solar as a smart long-term investment for your home!
  • No risk of maintenance costs: With every solar system installation, consistent monitoring and maintenance will be undertaken – so no stress included!
  • Solar makes home improvements affordable: As you upgrade and make improvements around the household, electricity consumption tends to rise, but with solar, you’ll be saving – just think, that hot tub you want to install, that’s a lot of extra energy!
  • Reduce household bills: As the cost of living is forever on the rise, solar is a great way to reduce one of the major bills in every household.

Why your BUSINESS should make the switch to solar power:

  • Be a ‘Green Business’: Solar systems portray the fact that your business is committed to sustainability and helping protect the environment – this tends to attract more customers!
  • Establish a consistent energy bill: with solar, you can lock in the cost of your energy bill and avoid the fluctuating energy costs – remember, electricity rates are generally on the rise each year.
  • Improving employee satisfaction: Especially nowadays and moving into the future employees are increasingly favouring to work for those forward thinking, sustainably-minded companies – solar power can lead to increased employee satisfaction and thereby increased productivity.
  • Reduce operational costs: The day to day costs of running a business are no easy expense – solar energy helps reduce one of the largest, energy!

Renewable energy resources are increasingly becoming widely accepted for households and businesses. Our solar solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of your business or property. Be forward thinking and go solar today, so you can benefit in the long run.

Contact us on 1300 116 965 or info@habitatenergysystems.com.au today to arrange a non-obligation free discussion about which solar solution is right for you.