STC Market Update 16th September 2019

The STC Market was stable throughout last week with moderate volumes being traded. The spot price opened at $37.35 and increased slightly to $37.40 where it stayed.

Despite the stable pricing there wasn’t a lot of trades executed especially later in the week. Even the forward market was a bit more subdued after a couple of weeks of heavy volumes. There were still some trades executed around $37.50 for late 2019 and across 2020. The forward curve is now very flat with the market not sure exactly where the short term price is heading.

Approx 750,000 STC’s were created last week which was as high as its been this year. The number of STC’s listed on the clearing house currently sits at 363,104. This is down a massive 50k from last week and continues the trend of listings dropping. No movement has been seen at the top of the clearing house list for a long time now and participants are starting to realise the facility is unlikely to be used until at least mid next year. A link to the STC clearing house can be found here.

Our latest pricing for both registered and non-registered STC’s can be found here.