STC & ACCU Market Update – 25th January 2022

The STC market has remained strong throughout the end of 2021 and into the start of 2022. Covid uncertainty and related issues have resulted in reduced supply of STC’s which has kept the price high and this is likely to continue until the new STP (small-scale technology percentage) is released in March. Certificate creations have been fluctuating over the holiday period but are now starting to stabilise. The number of STC’s listed on the clearing house currently sits at 526,874 with particpants waiting nearly two years to have them cleared.

A link to the STC clearing house transfer list can be found here.

Latest pricing for both registered and non-registered STC’s can be found here.

The Australian carbon market experienced a major bull run over the course of 2021, with prices for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) growing 209% to end the year. Traded volumes also surged with secondary transactions increasing 76% on 2020 levels. As of time of writing the spot price has just traded over $57 per ACCU. Continued high demand from voluntary buyers is pointing towards a sunstained period of higher prices even in the absence of government policy.