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We understand that cashflow can be an issue which is why we pay same day on all claims under 60kW. As Australia’s fastest paying STC trader we have paid same day on over 99% of thousands of claims processed. We don’t think installers should have to wait for CER approval to be paid so we remove the hassle of guessing to ensure the smooth running of your business. Our rates are very competitive and service is market leading. Give us a call or register below to experience the difference.

**Note due to the current delay in approvals from the CER we have been forced to change our payment terms for larger jobs over 60kW to payment on approval**

Habitat Energy Systems specialises in STC trading which is why we can offer the best STC price and service available. We are registered to create STC’s and our online portal offers free Solar Panel Validation (SPV). We have teamed up with Bridge Select to offer this service to our customers.

We proudly offer the fastest settlement turnarounds in Australia (same day for both residential & commercial claims) and guarantee the highest level of service. Our STC price is on par with the best available in the market and we can also lock in forward pricing if preferred. A single point of contact ensures a more personalised service and the whole claim process is designed to be as easy and hassle free as possible. We go above and beyond for our customers which makes us the best STC trader in Australia!

If you would like to sign up for our online STC trading please enter your details and submit via the form below. For more information you can contact us on 1300 116 965 or

Want to know how many STC’s a system is eligible for? A link to the official REC Registry STC calculator can be found here for Solar PV.

STC Trading
Give us a try! Same day payment for all claims submitted by 4pm (AEST).
*Small job processing fee of $50 applies for claims under 50 STC’s

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    Want To Know More About STCs?

    STC stands for “Small-Scale-Technology-Certificate”. Each solar PV system or solar hot water system/heat pump is eligible a certain number of STC’s under the Small-Scale-Renewable-Energy-Scheme (SRES). The number of STC’s that can be created is based mainly on system size, but also location and date of installation. One STC is equal to one megawatt hour of renewable energy that is either generated or displaced by the system. They act as a form of government rebate effectively reducing the cost of purchasing and installing the system. Most installers include the value of the rebate as a discount off the cost of the system.

    STC’s are created through the REC Registry, an online registry system maintained by the Clean Energy Regulator. The registry allows registered agents to create, buy, sell and transfer certificates through the portal. It also facilitates the validation and auditing by the CER to ensure compliance with the Renewable Energy Target. Once the certificates have been approved and registered, they can either be listed on the STC Clearing House, or sold on the secondary market for a negotiated price. Generally STC’s are aggregated into parcels of minimum 5000 and sold on the spot market. The STC price fluctuates depending on the level of supply and demand in the market. Buyers are mostly liable entities (energy retailers etc) which have the responsibility to purchase and surrender a certain number of STC’s each quarter.

    The Clean Energy Regulator provides a calculator to determine how many STC’s each system is eligible for. A link to the calculator can be found here for Solar PV and here for Solar Hot Water/Heat Pumps. Both individuals and businesses can create certificates, but generally the creation process is managed by companies who specialise in the aggregation and trading of STC’s. Habitat Energy Systems is a specialist STC trader, and as a result can offer the best pricing and service available. For more information give us a call on 1300 116 965, or fill in the contact form above.